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A New Estimator of Resolved Molecular Gas in Nearby Galaxies

Supplementary Data

The tables and utility are constructed by Chown et al. (2020). For any questions regarding these tables, please contact Ryan Chown ( . A markdown version [] can be saved.


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Table 2
Global Properties
Table 6
Resolved Quantities
Python Script
Utility for extracting 2D cutouts of resolved properties: [] .


Column descriptions for machine-readable version of Table 6 and the global properties listed in Table 2.

table_global.csv: Global properties of the galaxies in our sample. See Table 2 in the paper for references and descriptions.

Column nameDescription
galname Galaxy name
log_sigma_fuv log(FUV surface density)
log_sigma_nuv log(NUV surface density)
log_sigma_w4 log(WISE W4 surface density)
log_sigma_mstar log(stellar mass surface density)
a_v $A_V$ extinction derived from the Balmer decrement
ba $b/a$
bt Bulge-to-total ratio
metallicity Gas phase metallicity
n Sersic index
ur u-r colour
log_v_disp_bulge Bulge velocity dispersion
log_cosi log(cos inclination)
log_sigma_tir log(total infrared surface density)
log_sigma_sfr log(SFR surface density)
area_kpc2 Optical surface area in kpc^2 (2 * pi * r_e^2). The "sigma" quantities above were divided by this number. To get total log(stellar mass) for example, add log10(area_kpc2) to log_sigma_mstar. The effective radius r_e (half-light i-band radius) was taken from CALIFA photometry done by Gilhuly & Courteau (2018) .
nx Number of pixels in the x-direction (see as an example of how nx, ny should be used)
ny Number of pixels in the y-direction
leda_ra RA J2000 from LEDA (deg)
leda_dec Dec J2000 from LEDA (deg)
xc x-coordinate (0-indexed) of center of field (leda_ra, leda_dec)
yc y-coordinate (0-indexed) of center of field (leda_ra, leda_dec)

table_resolved.csv: Quantities derived from spatially-resolved optical IFU and molecular gas maps. Each row corresponds to one pixel. See for examples of how to turn quantities in this table into 2-dimensional images for each galaxy. See Table 6 in the paper.

Column nameDescription
id Pixel ID
galname Name of the galaxy that this pixel belongs to
co_uplim_flag Whether the CO measurement with the Simple method is a detection (0) or an upper limit (1)
bpt BPT classification. (-1=starforming, 0=composite, 1=LIER, 2=Seyfert)
pix_area Area of the pixel in kpc^2
met Gas-phase metallicity (12+log(O/H))
alpha_co CO-to-H2 conversion factor from this metallicity
log_sigmstar log10(stellar mass surface density in Msun/pc^2)
log_sigsfr log10(SFR surface density in Msun/yr/kpc^2)
err_log_sigsfr Error in the above
av_mag $A_V$ (mag) from the Balmer decrement
log_lco log(CO luminosity in K km/s pc^2) using the Sun method, including all pixels (not just SFing)
err_log_lco Error in the above
log_lco_simple log(CO luminosity in K km/s pc^2) using the Simple method, including all pixels (not just SFing). Includes upper limits.
err_log_lco_simple Error in the above
log_sigh2_aco3p2_all log(CO luminosity in K km/s pc^2) using the Sun method, including all pixels (not just SFing)
err_log_sigh2_aco3p2_all Error in the above
log_sigh2_aco3p2_all_simple log(H2 surface density in Msun/pc^2) using the Simple method, including all pixels (not just SFing), assuming alpha_co=3.2
err_log_sigh2_aco3p2_all_simple Error in the above
log_sigh2_aco_met log(H2 surface density in Msun/pc^2) using the Sun method, only SFing pixels, assuming metallicity-dependent alpha_co
err_log_sigh2_aco_met Error in the above
log_l12 log(12 micron luminosity in Lsun)
err_log_l12 Error in the above
log_sig12 log(12 micron surface density in Lsun/pc^2)
err_log_sig12 Error in the above