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High-z Mock Samples for zCOSMOS and Subaru/PFS

The catalogs are constructed by Meng et al. 2020 for high-z galaxy redshift survey. For any problem in the data or data accessing, please email to Jiacheng Meng (

For completeness, we also include the real zCOSMOS-bright sample and its random sample.

In the below, we list the catalogs that can be downloaded and we give a description of the catalogs. A markdown version [] can be saved.

The catalogs

Catalog Download
zCOSMOS-bright Mock
Format: fits. The catalog consists of 20 mocks (each ~ 70 Mb):
Or, download the 20 files as a single compressed file: [zCOSMOS.tar.gz] (572 Mb)
zCOSMOS-bright Real Sample
Format: fits. [zcosmos_sample.fits] (1.6Mb) [zcosmos_random.fits] (21 Mb)
PFS Galaxy Evolution Mock
The catalog is not public yet. Contact the author for more information.
If you have a private account, please download the mocks at [pfs-mock/index.html].

Introduction to the High-z Catalogs

zCOSMOS-bright Mock

The files are the mocks for the zCOSMOS bright sample. The selection criteria is $I < 22.5$.

The file name is zc_i.fits, where the "i" indicates the i-th mock. We totally generate 20 mock catalogs.

The columns in the file are

  1. ID : the id of the galaxy.
  2. gID : the id of the group the galaxy is in.
  3. ra .
  4. dec .
  5. z : redshift.
  6. stellar_mass : the mass of the galaxy, the unit is $ \log_{10}(M_*/M_\odot) $.
  7. m_B : B-band apparent magnitude.
  8. m_I : I-band apparent magnitude.
  9. M_B : B-band absolute magnitude.
  10. M_I : I-band absolute magnitude.
  11. snap : the snap-shot of the galaxy in the simulation.
  12. halo_mass : the mass of the halo the galaxy in, the unit is $ 10^{10} M_\odot/h $.
  13. source_tag : 1 for central galaxies and 0 for satellites.
  14. survey_tag : 1 for galaxies satisfying the selection criteria and 0 for not.
  15. TSR : 1 for galaxies are observed and 0 for not.
  16. SSR : 1 for galaxies with successful redshift measurement and 0 for not.

zCOSMOS-bright Real Sample

The galaxy catalog and random sample catalog for the zCOSMOS-bright sample.

zcosmos_sample.fits: zCOSMOS-bright galaxy sample. It is secure to use the galaxies with Flag==1 and in the central region. That is (Flag == 1) & (Center_region == 1).

  1. ID : the id of the galaxy.
  2. RA : J2000.
  3. Dec : J2000.
  4. ID_2015 : ID in COSMOS2015 catalog.
  5. z_spec : spectroscopic redshift.
  6. Type : 0 for galaxies; 1 for stars; 2 for X-ray sources.
  7. Mass : stellar mass, unit: $M_\odot$.
  8. Flag : 1 for well matched galaxies with secure redshift.
  9. CC : confidence class of spectroscopic redshift (Lilly et al. 2009).
  10. Weight : weight for each galaxy.
  11. Center_region : 1 for galaxies in the central region of zcosmos survey $\rm 149.62 < RA < 150.61$ and $\rm 1.75 < Dec < 2.70$.
  12. m_I : apparent magnitude of I band (HST 814W).
  13. M_I : absolute magnitude of I band (HST 814W).
  14. M_B : absolute magnitude of B band.

zcosmos_random.fits : The random sample for the zCOSMOS-bright sample. The redshift range is 0.1~1.5. It only contains the points in the central region.

  1. RA : J2000.
  2. Dec : J2000.
  3. z : redshift.
  4. Mass : stellar mass, unit: $\log(M_*/M_\odot)$.
  5. m_I : apparent magnitude of I band (HST 814W).
  6. M_I : absolute magnitude of I band (HST 814W).


  • Meng et al. 2020. Measuring galaxy abundance and clustering at high redshift from incomplete spectroscopic data: Tests on mock catalogs and application to zCOSMOS.