Galaxies and Halos

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Data Points from Publications

Measuring galaxy abundance and clustering at high redshift ...
Jiacheng Meng et al. 2020. (arXiv:2008.13733) [supplementary data]
- Measurement of B-band GLF, GSMF and projected 2PCF of zCOSMOS-bright sample.
Relating the structure of dark matter halos to their assembly ...
Yangyao Chen et al. 2020. (arXiv:2003.05137) [data & online tool]
- Catalogs of N-body halo mass, assembly, structure and environment properties.
- Online tool for estimating halo structure.
A new estimator of resolved molecular gas in nearby galaxies
Ryan Chown et al. 2020. (arXiv:2007.00174) [supplementary data]
- Quantities derived from spatially-resolved optical IFU and molecular gas maps.
SDSS-IV MaNGA: the indispensable role of bars in enhancing ...
Lin Lin et al. 2020. (arXiv:2005.09853) [supplementary data]
- Measurements of barred galaxies and turnover properties.